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Maintenance & Reconditionning

Repair and maintenance are essential to mitigate devastous failures, increase safety and reliability, and reduce expenses long term. We specialize in giving life back to your equipment and machines, regardless of age, size, or condition. All equipment is brought into one of our workshops and completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected to enable us to get you back up and running. Our technicians are able to build your component back to specifications as well as recertify most equipment.

We provide service plans at a variety of levels for Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems from most common manufacturers.

Field of expertise:

  • AC/DC Motors (incl. Explosion Proof & Submerged Motors)
  • Diesel Engines, Transmissions or Gearboxes & HP Pumps
  • Winches 
  • Pumps: Centrifugal & Triplex
  • Air compressors
  • Power Generators
  • Industrial Steam Boilers, & Oil and Gas burners

Inspection & Troubleshoot

Not sure what is causing failure to your equipment?

Besides maintenance and repairs, diagnostic services are also part of our portfolio.

As a key component of a maintenance program, inspections include tasks that check the condition of equipment and determine what tools, materials, and labor are required to service them, so we can identify minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. Inspections ensure machines are working correctly and helps prevent equipment downtime.

Prior any spare parts changes or equipment rebuild, we perform field audit with customer staff to review the existing state in order to provide maintenance recommendations, identify worn or damaged components triggering failure, and to suggest solutions for repair. The audit provides tools and knowledge needed to plan for future maintenance, and improve equipment’s reliability and safety for customers.



Checks & Tests

Many industrial components undergo stringent pressure testing to determine their structural integrity before use. Components such as valves, pipes and storage vessels to name a few undergo various pressure-mediated checks to ensure they meet all relevant industrial safety standards. Depending on manufacturer or operator preferences, pressure testing can be done either hydrostatically or pneumatically.

Contact CallTech today if you’re in the market for pressure testing services from a reputable and experienced company!

  • We perform only Hydraulic & Pneumatic tests


Let our expert team ensure your new equipment is up and running quickly with our full portfolio of installation services. CallTech has the knowledge and resources to perform every aspect of your equipment installation.

A full installation service package includes all necessary labor to:

  • Uncrate and inspect newly received equipment
  • Assemble and relocate the equipment
  • Make all necessary utility connections
  • Start up service testing and inspection

We provide equipment installation services for a wide range of equipment types, including manufacturing tooling, conveyors, and industrial machines.  With an exemplary safety record, CallTech is a leader in the installation industry and offers strong project management alongside our self perform installation services.



Engineering Solutions

Sarl Call Technician can support your maintenance needs or construction project in its entirety from concept to completion of work. 

As a fast developing & dynamic Company, we are able to respond to various projects requirements or improvements in the industrial, transport, mining & energy sectors.

The Company is mainly focused on feasibility studies, process analysis, structural engineering, special machinery installation and technical assistance.

It traditionally proposes its organization and expertise in association with qualified manufacturing companies for turnkey installations or directly to the Customer in case of existing industrial process improvement.




Manpower Supply

Searching for skilled people & you can’t find!…Look no further, our innovative workforce solutions will enable you reach out to the best in class Techs & Enginners with more than 10 years experience record, that will definetely help you overcome your technical hassles




Rentals & Spare Parts

CallTech ensures the availability of genuine quality spare parts through our local and global sourcing network. Our spare parts department ensures easy ordering and timely delivery. Our friendly local teams are available to assist you and answer your technical and purchasing questions.

CallTech offers also daily, weekly, monthly rates for equipment & tool rentals for construction and industrial applications.

We take great pride in our equipment and constantly maintain our rental fleet to keep it in excellent working order. We also are continually adding to our inventory to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. 


We recognize that your time is valuable, so we strive to deliver our equipment on time, every time. Our courteous and professional staff is on duty from 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday through Thursday to help you with all your rentals, sales and repair needs.



Emergency Support

Among numerous types of hassles, urgent and unplanned outages are ones you hope never to face. The problem has to be addressed as soon as possible, hence the “emergency”.

Even with the best quality equipment, failures can happen without warning.  The question isn’t “if” this will happen, but how prepared you are to rectify the situation “when” the unexpected happens.

CallTech Field Service Technicians are located nationwide to ensure the fastest response to your unplanned downtime, and our emergency after-hours mailbox is checked constantly to prevent customers experiencing a downtime event from having to wait until business hours.
For rapid turnaround service, please contact one of our service specialists at +213 662 753 298 or +213 558 112 376



Warranty For All Services

Enjoy comprehensive services with our warranty all-inclusive.  Your equipment will be fully covered for the first three days after been serviced. And you can concentrate on what’s important: Your work.

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